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The challenges facing President Duterte in a country bereft of justice and plagued by evil.

"The sum total of malignant political machinations is the ticking timebomb they call inevitability."
- Christopher Silverthorne



It is claimed that the Philippines is the home of up to $3 TRILLION (yes, TRILLION!) worth of looted gold, artefacts and treasures.

During World War II, General Yamashita excavated an area in the Philippines. An eye witness to the events of this time recalls how Yamashita stored gold, artefacts and treasures which were looted from all over Japanese-occupied Asia. Slave labour was used by Yamashita to create the 'vaults' in which he stored everything received in shipments to the Philippines. Upon completion of the vaults, virtually all of the slaves were then beheaded to keep the vaults a secret. Even today, when trying to access the vaults, you can still find the remains of human skulls.

Someone PLEASE tell President Duterte of this story!

So many years have passed since this story was passed down through two generations. It began when the already-installed Japanese military were getting ready to receive a shipment of looted treasure and gold from various Asian origins. In fact, the shipment was so large that numerous vaults were excavated to accommodate everything that was arriving on this one fateful day.

Just before the arrival of the shipment, all the residents on the local village this shipment was due to pass through were warned to stay indoors and keep all doors and windows shuttered. Nobody was permitted to see what was passing through the village. At least this was the plan.

Unknown to Yamashita was one Filipino who was 'caught short'. This gentleman had an outside toilet which he had to use urgently. Having installed himself inside the toilet, he was unable to return to his house as the convoy of trucks carrying the newly-arrived shipment were passing through the village.

But in the door of the toilet was a small hole which the witness could peek through. He watched the convoy as it passed by with General Yamashita standing up in the lead vehicle. Fortunately, this Filipino gentleman was not discovered hiding in the toilet and managed to relate the story once the Japanese had been driven out of the area (and the Philippines). He then related the story of the convoy and other details he had accrued to his family.

So how many vaults were excavated? There are numerous. Each is marked on a map of the area where excavation began. It has been said that numerous slave workers were exploited and met a very nasty fate when they were all (but one) beheaded in an attempt to keep the hoard of gold and treasure a secret.

Upon entering the area, numerous obstacles are encountered. There is flooding, gas (I expect methane) and explosive booby-traps. But the 'secret' signs are there to be seen. Marked upon the walls of the entrance to the vaults inside the area are the symbols which appear on the map. There is no sign that anyone has yet been able to enter the vaults as the entrance is the only way in. So, for all intense purposes, the gold and treasure remain intact.

Numerous parties have come to explore this location. Some have used very advanced technology to penetrate the ground to ascertain the validity of the claims about the treasure and gold still being present and intact. In fact, the last group of foreign investigators have claimed that the potential hoard could be worth up to $3 trillion.

Despite this story being known to a small number of prominent officials, nothing has yet been done to try to recover the contents of the vaults. A number of scenarios exist which may explain why this is so.

The first theory is that some believe the gold and treasure had already been acquired (though I am not sure how this was achieved considering the seemingly undisturbed setting).

The second theory is that it has deliberately been left undisturbed for some reason. One possible reason is that such a large hoard of gold coming onto the market would seriously affect the value of gold and cause lots of powerful and influential investors out-of-pocket. Perhaps those who know about the hoard have already been financially rewarded to leave the gold and treasure untouched for this very reason.

The third theory is simply that it may be almost impossible to extract the gold and treasure without causing a calamity. But I doubt if this is the real reason.

I cannot think of any other reasons why his hoard has not been acquired. But let's understand that whoever acquires these riches will not just possibly be the richest person in the world (even with only a 10% finders fee), and that they would also put themselves in great danger. There are a lot of implications to becoming wealthy and some of them are potentially life-threatening. Ergo, a 'blessing' may eventually turn out to be a curse.

This is here we need the President to become involved. He must instigate action to acquire the riches for the benefit of the country. Even when looted treasures have been returned to their country of origin, the quantity of non-identifiable gold will still account for a great deal of the remaining wealth. Imagine the good this would do for a country which desperately needs help to clean up it's social and political issues, challenges and problems.

This is why I call upon all those who read this story to bring it to the attention of the President. Please be swift in your action as we have no idea how long President Duterte will be in power. Speed is of the utmost priority. The poverty-stricken citizens of the Philippines also expect you to act NOW!