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The challenges facing President Duterte in a country bereft of justice and plagued by evil.

"The sum total of malignant political machinations is the ticking timebomb they call inevitability."
- Christopher Silverthorne



It is the 'disease' which worst afflicts poor countries - to the detriment of it's most humble and vulnerable citizens.

President Duterte is fighting a battle against a multi-headed monster. As the 'Hydra' was a serpent in Greek and Roman mythology, the Philippines is also plagued by a beast of similar proportions. The exception is that this beast is not a myth. Nor is it a serpent as depicted in mythology. This is a beast of modern-day creation. Each head of the modern-day Hydra represents a challenge for anyone who dare try to battle and defeat it. Crime is just one of the heads of this beast.

Crime can come in many forms and wear many faces. It is at it's most dangerous when it is allowed to flourish and grow. This is what has been happening under previous administrations where reluctant, or equally-corrupt, Presidents and politicians have either shown cowardice, self-inflicted ignorance or downright complicity.

Crime has no friends. It relies upon the corrupt desires that can lurk and any man, woman or child. It grows stronger as those who are suffering the most, turn to crime to alleviate their suffering. Crime is the exploiter of opportunity - opportunity to take advantage of those who feel there is no justice in this world, and of those who simply see it as a 'career' choice'.

It is easy to condemn all criminals as evil, and in many cases this is justified. But a starving child who steals a crust of bread? This is the other side of the plague. Nobody can feel anger towards those who indulge in an immoral act just for the sake of survival - rather than personal enrichment.

Over the period of many decades, drug abuse has come to the forefront of the most serious crime of all. It is a condition which drives the weakest to commit crimes to feed their habit. It is also an easy way to make a few Pesos. Drug abuse creates a chain of criminal activity where the most prone victims suffer the most. Drugs exist to undermine and destroy a society which struggles to provide for it's most vulnerable citizens. And as much as drug abuse is deplorable, it is also pitiful when those at the end of the chain resort to this practice when they feel life has nothing to offer them but a miserable existence. For those who are at the end of the chain, they are more pitiful than criminal.

Then we have drug abusers who indulge in the habit for 'fun' - to get their kicks from getting high and behaving recklessly. This type of abuser deserves no pity. They know what they are doing and care nothing of the consequences of their actions.

Finally, we get to the suppliers. The people at top of the chain wallow in riches well beyond what any ordinary They are not worthy of any consideration outside of being removed from society on a permanent basis.

But crime does not just revolve around the drug menace. The love of money is what drives many to crave it in ever-increasing amounts. To some, the love of money does not know any boundary. Even when they have more riches and possessions than they could ever exploit, they still want more. Worse than drug abusers, they are sick and depraved beyond all moral reason.

The love of money comes in many forms. The desire to obtain riches rarely comes from honest ambition, it comes from greed and gluttony. It comes from the lack of respect for fellow human beings. It comes from a feeling of superiority over others. It comes from opportunity, exploitation, and the lack of consideration from the harm it may cause to others.

Those who worship money are beyond reason. I have personally found, and learned from experience, that those who love money often think they have a divine right to obtain their riches without any feeling of guilt. It is part of a class system that those who are the wealthiest think that those who are poor are undeserving. It is like they feel they are the only ones who know how to squander riches on self-adulation and undeserved privilege. Sometimes they are born into money and fail to understand the value of it when they have been surrounded by it all of their lives. They have no moral compass and no desire to learn of the evil of such moral degradation.

To fight against crime, where money and power is nearly always the driving force, is a battle that has been over over the entire existence of the human race. It will never be defeated. All one can do it educate and provide for an equitable society. A fair and just system of law and order. Everyone should be treated equally. But in a capitalist system, greed will always be there. Change the system and the greed will not go away, but you can starve it of opportunity. Only by providing a humane system where nobody goes hungry, where people have quality of life, where they have opportunity for betterment, then will you reduce crime.

The Hydra

'Warriors' required

This where President Duterte needs 'warriors' to help him in his battle. He needs the support of those who will share his desire to root out the evil in society.

Those who share his values, and his desire to rescue the country from all of the evil influences within it, need YOUR help.

And whatever temptations may come your way, resist them. This is because there are those who will try to divert you from your true path. They will offer you anything to make you desert your cause. Do not let them succeed.

We have but a short existence in the lifespan of the universe. But our souls are eternal. Is it worth the short-term debasement of one's soul in exchange for an eternity of suffering? You decide.