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The challenges facing President Duterte in a country bereft of justice and plagued by evil.

"The sum total of malignant political machinations is the ticking timebomb they call inevitability."
- Christopher Silverthorne



Evil pervades all, and tries to corrupt all. There are no exceptions. And the greater the institution, the greater the corruption.

The church is not exempt from the desires of Satan (or whatever you may call him). In fact, it is his greatest prize - not to destroy, but to corrupt.

The church, and other peaceful religions, are the ultimate goal. Being seen as the salvation of vulnerable innumerable human souls, it is an opportunity to lead astray all of the followers of whatever religion they observe. And of all of these, the Catholic Church is the greatest prize of all.

The Catholic Church. Where do I start? The accumulated wealth? How about the Nazis and the Catholics? The dubious imagery? Freemasonry? The child-abusing Priests?

1: Wealth.

How wealthy is the Catholic Church? Nobody seems to know. It runs into billions of dollars - but exactly how many? A lot depends on what you are counting. There are shares and stockholdings; There is money in the banking system; There are assets. And are we including the senior members of the church who own the same things?

One estimate is between 10 - 15 billion dollars. One unproven source says it could be over 200 billion dollars. Assets and cash aside, it is the shares and stockholdings which raise questions about the morality of the Church. Here's what I asked Google: "How wealthy is the Catholic Church?".

Benito Mussolini

"The Catholic Church owns a number of luxurious London properties as part of a property empire originally funded by fascist dictator Mussolini, it has been claimed. The Vatican has used an offshore company structure to build up its portfolio of expensive properties now worth around £560 million. Investment in international property was initiated by the church when Mussolini afforded it a huge windfall in 1929 in return for papal recognition of his fascist regime." (multiple media sources).

Note: Benito Mussolini was the fascist dictator of Italy during World War II. He was an ally of the German Nazis.

What else?

The Church is quite secretive about it's investments and only releases limited information about how it goes about doing business. But one concern is the investment in 'chemicals'. What chemicals, exactly? How much has the Church invested in destructive industries? I'm sure we would all like to know.

2: Nazis.

As well as falling in love with Mussolini's money, and granting him recognition (and despite his involvement with the Nazis), the Church also took some former Nazis to it's bosom.

The first of these is accused of being a collaborator - so the story goes. Karol (Józef) Wojtyla is the person in question. He went on to become Pope John Paul II.

Popular history records Wojtyla's life as something not related to any form of treachery. In fact, there is not even a hint of collaboration. The problem with history is that it is written by the victors, and not the defeated. I know from my own limited research, that the official account of World War II is far from complete, it is is far from accurate, and it has conveniently glossed over the USA's involvement in the development of Nazi Germany. So we have to question is Wojtyla's part in this story is being honestly recorded, or if it is being manipulated to hide any involvement for the Nazis as a chemist.

There is a curious issue that needs to be addressed about how Wojtyla became Pope. His predecessor was John Paul I ("JPI"). The official cause of death of JPI was myocardial infarction caused by a pulmonary embolism. One of the earlier stories relates how JPI was denied medical help. It is claimed he was 'allowed' to die so that Wojtyla could become Pope.

Allowed to die? It is claimed that JPI refused help and "wanted to die".[1] Really? Why would a man agree to becoming Pope only to express a death wish within days? Does this add up?

What is further curious about JPI's death is that it happened 33 days after he became Pope. 33 is a number which has significance in Masonic circles. But I will discuss this further in the section on Freemasonry. Just keep it it mind for now.

After Wojtyla's death in 2005, the new Pope was elected. This was Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, who took the name Benedict XVI. He reigned until 2013. Ratzinger was a member of the Nazi Youth during World War II, but whether his participation was compulsory (as it had eventually become), or if it was voluntary, is perhaps not important. But it does raise the question why two consecutive Popes had links to the Nazis (albeit one allegedly).

To add further spice to this story is that the current Pope is Argentinian, Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He is now known as Pope Francis. This links us to the so-called 'Ratlines' which were employed towards and at the end of the war against Germany. Prominent Nazis were 'spirited' away from Germany and relocated in Argentina (and other South American countries). This all occurred with the assistance of the Church.[2] You would have to read more at the link provided to understand what happened.

There is also the issue of all those Germans who considered themselves as 'Christian' during the war. Christian? Would Christians tolerate the Holocaust? Why would the population be described as largely Christian and yet allow the persecution of other denominations go unabated? And what about the Catholic element. Why did the Pope Pious XII not call for all Catholics to observe Christian principles and lay down their arms? Although there was a German contingent in Rome, the Vatican remained free of occupation. Trade off? Did Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church accept the atrocities being perpetrated around them in exchange for not being occupied?[3,4,5]

The Catholic Church: Critical of President Duterte for imprisoning those involved with the drug trade, yet conspicuously silent during the Holocaust.

Now while some of the things I have said about the Nazi-Pope connection are only circumstantial, it is curious that the Nazi link has evolved over the 70+ years. Consider researching this yourself as it is far too comprehensive to be covered here.

[1] John Paul I murdered?

[2] Ratlines

[3] Pope Pius XII

[4] Religion in Nazi Germany

[5] The Holocaust

3: Imagery.

There are those who think the worship and adulation of icons is wrong. But it is not icons that should preoccupy us. There are other architectural elements to the Church that should concern us. Perhaps the most striking is in the Pope's Audience Hall, and the design of the building itself.

The building has been designed so that internally, it looks (through a fish-eye lens) as though it resembles a serpent. This is no surprise as the Catholic Church has slowly been infiltrated with Satanic elements over many decades (if not centuries). Pope John Paul I's reported desire was to make the Church more secular and encompass other religious orders. Essentially, this is the blueprint for a New World Order where Satan is the only God. Looking towards the platform where the Pope is enthroned, we can see that it is designed as part of the image of the serpent, with the two fangs of the serpent either side of the Pope. Ergo, the Pope is speaking from the mouth of the serpent.

Behind the Pope is a statue which is more of an abomination than anything which could be described as Christian. It is supposed to be (and I quote literally) an image of Jesus Christ rising from a nuclear bomb crater in the garden of Gethsemane (a nuclear apocalypse). Seriously? Yes! Why would the Pope be seated in front of an image suggesting nuclear war will one day be upon us? Prophecy? Or deliberate intent to show us our inevitable fate (World War III / global destruction).

The statue is Hellish in its imagery. But it has also been claimed that it is in fact Aballon, the angel of the bottomless pit, who is rising to Earth amongst a legion of dead souls. Whatever you wish to consider, it is grotesque.

I conclude this section with some 'Serpent Dancers' who have performed for the Pope. Note the configuration of 1 over 3 (Aballon presiding over the 'Council of 3'?).

Audience Hall

Serpent's head

Serpent Acrobats

4: Freemasonry.

This subject is BIG! It is not just a global phenomena, it is also deeply entrenched in our history. But I shall mostly just touch upon it's influence and effect upon the Philippines.

The basic roots of Freemasonry lay in the traditional three degrees that precede the more recent 'Holy' Royal Arch ("Arch"). Essentially, Freemasons are not really much different to you and I. I have known Freemasons, and some I have found very sociable and friendly. Actually, I do not think I could say a bad word against them. One Mason once told me it is a social society where those with similar ideals and principles meet to share each other's company. No different to any other group of people who share a specific interest - whatever it may be. Furthermore, Freemasons do not make up a secret society. Any Freemason worth their salt will tell you that Freemasonry is a society with secrets. I have no issue with such a fraternity and have sometimes even visited Masonic Halls who have opened their doors to non-Masonic interests.

Problems slowly arise when ordinary three-degree Masons move up to the 'Holy Royal Arch' (see image below).

As I have said, Masonry is a practice which is not secret, but uses secrets as part of it's rituals. As you progress you reach a point where you are educated in all of the secrets of the Arch. Now, there is an old saying that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Obviously, Senior Masons appear to agree with this principle and this is why secrets are slowly revealed according to status.

One prevailing image of Masonry are the public images of certain people hiding their right hand. This is a sign of 'Master of the Second Veil'. Look at those people in public life who conceal their right hand. Why do they do it? Are they such Masons? Considering the positions of authority and power they sometimes possess, then perhaps this is so.

"Exodus 4:6. In this biblical verse, the heart (“bosom”) stands for what we are, the hand for what we do. It can thus be interpreted as: What we are is what we ultimately do. The symbolic significance of this gesture might explain the reason why it is so widely used by famous Masons. The hidden hand lets the other initiates know that the individual depicted is part of this secret Brotherhood and that his actions were inspired by the Masonic philosophy and beliefs. Furthermore, the hand that executes the actions is hidden behind cloth, which can symbolically refer to covert nature of the Mason’s actions." - The Vigilant Citizen (.com).

P2: Propaganda Due

P2 | P2 Membership List

It was reported (by some) that Roberto Calvi was murdered because he was a 'bad' Mason. There were so many 'red herrings' involved in this murder and the way he was found hanged in London. Numerous Masonic ritual murder clues were clearly visible.

But how entrenched was Calvi into the Vatican's financial affairs? What was his (and P2's) relationship to, and interaction with Catholic priests in the Vatican? The fact that the two organisations are interlinked? Again this requires a lot of research, but the issues are one's to be deeply concerned about. You can read more about the murder of Roberto Calvi and the allegations concerning his affairs in the next link:

Who killed 'God's banker?

I'll discuss Freemasonry a little more in the section on the Illuminati.

5: Child Abuse.

Of all of the sins (proven or suspected) of the Catholic Church, this must rank as one of the worst. It is not that abuse happens, it is something which plagues all of society, it is the fact it has happened in an institution which is supposed to be God-fearing. So what type of a person, in the knowledge of what they do, thinks they can repeatedly abuse children and get away with it?

The real scandal is how the Church has handled abuse claims. It appears that for a very long time, the Church has swept allegations of abuse under the carpet. For those of you not familiar of this term, it means that rather than collect dirt from the floor, it is swept under a carpet to conceal it. It is a term which indicates the contempt the Church has displayed and how it had hoped their scandals would not be subject to investigation.

One actually feels that there is still a reluctance to deal with issues of abuse in a full and open way. It is a major embarrassment for the Church and one which I am sure it wishes would simply disappear. It will not. But is this exclusively about the reputation of the Church - or is it something which exposing much deeper and darker secrets about child abuse rituals being perpetrated by the Church?

Considering the Church is being regularly exposed for one serious issue, or another, then one must ask what direction is it being led in. Bearing in mind what I have already revealed about the Church, one must consider that there really are some very sinister motives behind these abuses. What we are now discovering about the Church is indeed revealing. And the way the Church is trying to deal (or conceal) with these issues is akin to it opening a can of worms. "Metaphorically speaking, to open a can of worms is to examine or attempt to solve some problem, only to inadvertently complicate it and create even more trouble. Literally speaking, opening a can of worms, as most fishermen can attest, can also mean more trouble than you bargained for."

Oranges and Sunshine

To emphasise how bad child abuse is in the Church, I would highly recommend purchasing a compelling movie I saw on TV several years back. It is called 'Oranges and Sunshine'.

"The film is based on the true story of Margaret Humphreys, a social worker from Nottingham who uncovered the scandal of "home children", a scheme of forcibly relocating poor children from the United Kingdom to Australia and Canada.

Margaret reunites estranged families, who are situated in Australia and the U.K., and brings worldwide attention to the cause.

Deported children were promised oranges and sunshine but they got hard labour and life in institutions such as Keaney College in Bindoon, Western Australia. Many were given to the Congregation of Christian Brothers, where they were repeatedly raped." - Wikipedia

Child migrants: 'I didn't belong to anybody'