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The challenges facing President Duterte in a country bereft of justice and plagued by evil.

"The sum total of malignant political machinations is the ticking timebomb they call inevitability."
- Christopher Silverthorne



The Chinese redefine the 'takeaway' menu.

If President Duterte didn't have enough problems already, he has to suffer the additional headache of trying to resolve issues involving the occupation by the Chinese of islands in the South China. The Scarborough Shoal aside, the Spratley Islands appear to be of greater interest to the Chinese.

The Chinese are not exactly stranger to the acquisition of other countries claimed property. They took control of Tibet in 1950 and have shown no desire to give it back it's independence. Not that the status of Tibet has ever been clear. But they have claimed independence since 1913.

President Duterte should perhaps try to learn from this dispute and try to understand exactly how the Chinese feel about claiming other people's 'property'

So why are the Chinese especially interested in claiming large swathes of the South China Sea and all of the islands that lay within? Is it in preparation for the New World Order where the superpowers are acquiring as much territory as they can to both protect their borders and use said acquisitions for military purposes?

There is even talk of China encroaching into the Northern region of India.

One such incident took place in Bhutan, in July, 2017. It is an example of a people who have no right to determine their own destiny and are the victims of 'horse trading' between other nations. In this incident, the Chinese appear to have claimed it is territory that the British agreed to hand over during the time of the Raj (British rule in India).

Bhutan dispute

So, essentially land that belongs to India is being threatened because of an alleged agreement between two foreign powers. India are not allowed to have a say in the matter according to the Chinese.

This example should give the reader an idea of how more powerful states have little respect for smaller ones and are quite happy to trample all over their claims.

Another contention is occupation. How far back in history do you go to determine borders? In the 11th century, China's 'empire' was extensive.

999-1015: Western Campaigns.

"The Chinese Empire under the Zheng Dynasty and its tribute states during the postbellum period at Zheng Luozi's death in 1025 CE. In 999, Chinese troops flooded over the northern boundary of the Pamir Mountains [1] and swept south to take Ghazna [2] in the spring of 1000, thus ending the short-lived Ghaznavid Empire (OTL Afghanistan). Soon after their major victory over Ghazna, they pushed farther south and reached the shores of the Indian Ocean, completing their domination of the OTL Afghan region and Persia. By 1003, the Cuman Tribes (Western Turks) were overcome, and the east coast of the Caspian Sea was in the hands of the Chinese. By this time, the Chinese were directly at odds with the Abbasid Caliphate, which was already in a period of decline. Progress halted for a while in Mesopotamia, as the Chinese had to wait for some re-inforcements to come. However, at the emperor's insistence, further recruitment took place and China's army swelled further. Also, breakthroughs using gunpowder bombs took place and were tested in combat use against the Abbasid Caliphate. Emperor Zheng, upon hearing that the Mediterranean was so close, wanted to push on further to gain it In 1012, Baghdad fell and the Abbasid Caliphate was no more. Further major annexations occurred until around 1015, when the conquered territories were consolidated."

Chinese 'Empire'

Obviously, the world has changed a great deal in around 1,000 years. Invading forces can no longer conquer numerous other nations in a single conquest. But what will happen after World War III? The devastation left behind will result in a scramble to acquire as much territory as possible. Who can predict how far the ambitions of the remaining powers will stretch too?

No surprise China is expanding in the South China Sea. Look at the US military bases in close proximity.

Back to the South China Sea.

We could speculate all day long about other marine regions the Chinese could expand into. China have also reclaimed (rightly or wrongly) the Paracel Islands. This is along with the previously mentioned Spratley Islands which the Chinese have already built upon.

Where will it all end? Renowned journalist John Pilger made this documentary. I would urge you to watch it. It is entitled, "The coming war on China". Here is the link you need:

The coming war on China

If this is really the future we face, then it will be part of the global conflict of World War III. It appears there will be three major players in this war. Along with their 'allies' it will be between China, Russia, and the US plus it's plethora of Westernised puppet supporters.

Ergo, one the major flashpoints in this war will be the South China Sea. All the countries bordering upon this sea will also be caught up in the conflict - they cannot avoid this.

Decisions, decisions.

President Duterte has claimed the (US) CIA are planning to have him killed. At least he thinks that is their desire. It should come as no shock to anyone this could happen. The CIA is, after all, the CIA. If the CIA are prepared to (allegedly) assassinate one of their own Presidents (John F Kennedy), then what is to stop them perpetrating more foul deeds elsewhere in the world?

Here is the predicament President Duterte faces: Firstly, his US 'allies' are very demanding and controlling. They do not like their 'friends' to do business with anyone but them.

Secondly, the Chinese are investing in the Philippines. Possibly to reclaim their assets after World War III where they may end up occupying the Philippines?

Thirdly, the Russians. Where do they fit into the picture? Do they have designs on the country. Maybe a Sino-Russian agreement to keep this post-war part of the world free of US / Westernised interests?

World War III will be played out just like a game of chess. Sacrifices, gambits, opening, middle and endgames. Whatever happens, the Philippines is going to be slap-bang in the middle of it all. Consequently, the stakes are high. The US will need to keep as many of it's allies in this part of the world, even if it means removing a popular leader and replacing him (or her) with a pro-US puppet leader. This brings certain Filipino politicians into the frame. Grace Poe, with her NSA / CIA connected husband?[1] Her leadership could be widely coveted by the US and is not directly tainted by corrupt liberal influences. Then there is Ferdinand "Bongbong" Romualdez Marcos Jr. His acceptance of Grace Poe could lead to one and the other becoming President and Vice-President in a future Philippines.

Of course, Bongbong's father was granted asylum in the US - thus enhancing the connection between the two families and increasing the chance that the US will 'remind' Bongbong of the privilege they awarded to his father.[2]

[1] Grace Poe

[2] Bongbong Marcos

Whatever happens to President Duterte, the US are well-placed to assert their malign influence over the people of the Philippines once again.

The real tipping point though is the future civil war in which the New People's Army (NPA) act as a catalyst for change. It would serve the US well if the country was destablised by these rebels. This way the US can step in and offer assistance to the new leadership to defeat the NPA and install their (the US') preferred administration. It is also possible that the NPA may be backed by the CIA to achieve this objective. It would not be the first time the US and it's malignant agencies will have tried to change a regime by any means possible.

Finally, there is the autonomous Islamic region. Whichever side they may chose, they will lose out. If they do not get involved in this future conflict then they will ultimately be subject to whatever devices the US-backed administration decides to inflict upon them.

I am not sure of timescales, but the civil war may occur before World War III. Or it may be waged at the same time. I do not see it occurring any time afterwards. This does not mean that the NPA will completely disappear. If the Philippines does become nothing more than a colony of the US, we could see the Chinese backing the NPA in another Vietnam-style war (to try and destablise and possibly remove the prevailing regime.

So many scenarios and so many possible outcomes. But we can be certain the next few years are going to be very difficult for President Duterte. For now, he and his people are trying to 'make hay while the sun shines'. The sun will not always shine upon the Philippines. This is destiny. The people of the Philippines must brace themselves for any and all eventualities. God help every single soul who has to endure this potentially dark future.