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"The sum total of malignant political machinations is the ticking timebomb they call inevitability."
- Christopher Silverthorne



It has been a strange life. Born into a troubled family yet trying to lead a normal uneventful life. It seems destiny had other plans for me.

As I said in my section on 'Prophecy'. I do not regard myself as anything special. It is those events which occur in my life which are influencing the path I take and the decisions I make. I try to avoid controversy, but the bizarre events that do occur litter my life with more questions than answers.

So is there some kind of divine purpose to what I learn and experience? Perhaps it is just my natural curiosity that makes me wish to delve into matters so profound that I simply refuse mainstream opinion and explanations.

I think I can say that the first half of my life has been unbalanced and chaotic. Pursuing silly challenges, misguided, naive, setting my priorities the wrong way around. And these are just some of my issues!

I have been through a number of 'watersheds' in my life. I use the term watershed judiciously. It is said that God makes and breaks us until we become what is destined for us. Some of my watershed moments have been like this - being broken and remade;

To know me better, I shall lay out a basic timeline of my life;

1. Raised in a working-class background but with an unsettled home life;

2. Had to learn to stand on my own two feet in my later teenage years, but without knowing any direction in life;

3. Had a reasonably normal life in my early 20s - working, enjoying hobbies and pastimes. Notably chess, hiking, trying (and failing!) at some popular sports (i.e. soccer).

4. Displayed clear and unequivocal 'psychic' ability. Something which I probably inherited from my mother. When I say 'psychic', I mean sensory ability - knowing what will happen in random and (normally) unpredictable events. Now I am old, tired and exhausted. Now rely upon instinct alone to make some decisions;

5. Around the age of late 20s to early 30s began to take an interest in environmental issues. Moved onto animal rights a little later in my 30s;

6. Late 30s and early 40s, moved onto researching the dangers of mobile phone technology. Also took an interest in water fluoridation;

7. Mid 40s got involved in a casual information-based project a prominent scientist involving said mobile phone technology. This later developed into an interest in 'crop circles';

8. Learned (from personal experience) in 1996 of UFOs. Had TWO close-up views. First was one UFO rotating above my house in Worcester. Second had just passed my house and headed to another property I had been asked to report on. In the region of this house, the UFO disappeared. Further learned from talking to friends in the farming community that UFOs were entering our airspace at very low level. The 'inter-dimensional'(?) ability of these craft meant that where they appear, they leave a 'marker' (commonly, crop circles). These markers are accompanied by an electromagnetic signature;

9. Mid 50s concluded my research into water fluoridation. Had encountered wide-spread corruption and the abuse of science by the establishment. Realised that where there was a sinister agenda, the establishment used it's influence to corruptly support the practice. Also discovered a personal serious lung health issue after hospital tests;

10. Later life, quite eventful but not spectacular. Found myself (by my own design) in some difficult situations. Managed to survive though and learn from my experiences;

11. Today? Still the occasional intrigue and building websites.


Have made a lot of detrimental choices in life, but they have led me to where I am now. My lifestyle choices could have been better, or maybe a lot worse. Some of my experiences, especially the bizarre and unusual ones I would not trade anything for. I would also not trade any of the knowledge I have acquired which has shown me exactly the type of world I am living in with all of it's deceit, corruption and evil. Life would be simpler without this knowledge, but you cannot unlearn something. Better to be wise to what is happening in the world than to take the word of a corrupt system of politics and mass media.

The future? It is a shame that so many of us have to rely upon others to make decisions and take action that can help us move forward. Add to this responsibility for other family members and one's life is not so easily changed. But we manage to survive. I actually know a number of people who only survive and lack any real life. I pity them. They live a hand-to-mouth existence and barely survive. If only we could build a better world for everyone to live in. But this would be too easy - wouldn't it?